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Before and After 7286 Graft BHT Repair Procedure By Dr. Umar

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The patient shown in the photos below had made several attempts to restore his hair. He had experienced both scalp reduction procedures and strip surgery. However, his overall growth was quite disappointing. He was also left with scars, a disfigured crown and an elevated hairline. On top of all this, most of his head donor supply had been depleted.


Therefore, through conventional hair transplant surgery, achieving the patient’s vision of ideal coverage would be considered unrealistic.


However, Dr. Umar’s specialization in body hair to head transplantation offered new hope and possibilities. The process of extracting grafts from outside the head involves slightly different considerations compared to scalp hair.


(1) Follicles from the body grow at much sharper angles. This presents a challenge when trying to position FUE punches around each graft as accurately as possible. Therefore, there is a much higher risk of damaging these structures.


(2) Wound healing is expected to have much higher standards on the body, compared to the head which is covered in hair.


Dr. Umar developed his uGraft technology to address these challenges. This Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction system has features which safely remove large quantities of body hair follicles and enable them to serve as viable grafts.


New Coverage and Hairline Inspired by Bono – Achieved Through Body Hair Transplant

Dr. Umar removed grafts from the head, nape and beard area to achieve the required donor supply of 6200 grafts. These were inserted into the targeted areas to:


(1) recreate natural patterns of growth


(2) cover the scarring and errors from past procedures


(3) create a new hairline and temple points to improve the framing around the face.


The patient felt inspired by the mature hairline of U2’s singer, Bono. He felt this would look appropriate for his appearance. Dr. Umar studied the characteristics of this hairline and adapted it to suit the facial characteristics of this particular patient.


Here are before and after photos.












The patients video can be accessed here.



Representing Dr. Umar of DermHair Clinic.


Dr. Umar is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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