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Good luck coming to a conclusion on something not completely understood yet with nearly infinite scenarios. You can figure for tendancies and "risk factors" but it gets a bit murkier after that.


Obviously there is a HUGE component of genetics to HL. My point is, there are sooo many variables with HL it is hard to know if and what contributes.


You are quick to poo poo diet. I am not saying after the fact that diet will fix HL after the genes express.


But look at young men and women reaching sexual maturity at younger ages now due to diet. Proof that diet has EXTREMELY profound effect on sexual hormones.


HL is a genetic pre disposition that works in concert with hormones. What you eat directly affects hormones, cholesterol is a major precursor to Testosteerone. If boys are reaching puberty early wouldnt that make the HL gene express earlier? Dont we know that generally the earlier one expresses the gene the faster the progression and greater chance of higher NW grade.


Dont some people have results by affecting their hormones ( 5 AR inhibitors), dont some diets affect how we produce and break down hormones? Isnt 'baldness" linked to heart disease and other illnesses?


Dont young boys who eat too much foods high in phyto estrogens and or not consume other foods that promote testosterone become less masculanized with fewer secondary sexual characteristics?


All I am saying is, it is not fully understood yet how environment interacts with genes. There are so many variables that to make conclusions is difficult.


We would need a bunch of Identical twins seprated at birth with the "baldness gene" and very different lifestyles and diets to see if this was true in anyway

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