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hair loss on week after FUE


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Hello everyone, i have done my FUE hair transplant one week ago in turkey,

since yesterday i have noticed hair fall while washing and on the pillow a lot of these are with scabs and crusts !

i know the hair usually begins to fall after the end of the 2nd week, but during the first week ist it early? does it harm the results?


Another question when do i have to begin massaging while washing, and if the olive oil can help during the first 2 weeks as my hair is really dry and itchy.


waiting for your reply,

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Hi Mika911


I'm 14 days post HT now. I went through exactly the same thing! I was losing scabs with hair from day 7 onwards. I thought shedding didn't start to week 2-3, so I was worried too.


I've been assured by my Dr and fellow forum members that this is all normal. Some of the hairs break off sooner due to the scabbing, but the follicle remains intact underneath the skin.


Don't worry Mr - happy growing :-)

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