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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies. Shera would you please send me the number of Dr Bhatti secretary or how can I have a consultation?
  2. Many thanks for your reply. I never heard about Cinik or Acar. It seems they are new names to me. Are they recommended in the forums in here? Any positive results with them
  3. Hello everyone, I am willing to go for a hair transplantation and I am confused which surgeon shall I go for. I will be grateful if someone can advise me with the recommended names in a tight budget (2000-2500 USD). I stay in Germany, so I think the nearest and cheapest option would be to go to Turkey. Regards
  4. Hello everyone, i have done my FUE hair transplant one week ago in turkey, since yesterday i have noticed hair fall while washing and on the pillow a lot of these are with scabs and crusts ! i know the hair usually begins to fall after the end of the 2nd week, but during the first week ist it early? does it harm the results? Another question when do i have to begin massaging while washing, and if the olive oil can help during the first 2 weeks as my hair is really dry and itchy. waiting for your reply,
  5. actually you are right, thats why im tryin to search more and im not only seeking a cheap FUE in turkey but it varies from 1000 to 8000 euro there are 3 big names as we've mentioned before are a bit unfordable if its about too many grafts ( more than 3500) and about the one called Ekrem civas he is not that cheap at all but cheaper than erdogan and its written he works in this field since more than 15 years has his own books and got the american board etc.. but i found no pic of his patients before and after or even didnt found any written experience from his patients thats why im a bit confused to decide for him.
  6. thanks for your reply Dr erdogan has the highest price in turkey which is 2.5 euro/graft in my case i will need between 3500/4000 graft after many consultation so actually it will not be affordable thats why i was checking other clinics in turkey
  7. hello everyone, i decided to go for FUE in turkey but actually i cant afford the Doganay or Demirsoy i have read about Ekrem civas and Hamid aydin but i didnt find any review for them in your forum thats why im abit confused did anyone hear about them or had another good experience in turkey?
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