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FUE hair transplant with Dr Kapil Dua from Ak clinics, Ludhiana India

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I am 33 Male from India.



1 ) I had a hair transplant surgery with Dr kapil Dua ( Ak Clinics ) in Ludhiana, India on 19th Jun 2014.



I had 3V condition.



No. of Grafts used as per doctor:- 3100 (1800 grafts front, 1000 grafts crown & 300 grafts sides joining the crown to temples)



Method used:- FUE





pictures are on my blog link below:-



Hair Restoration Social Network - Hair Loss Patient Blogs





2) I also had some white chest hairs which i got removed by FUE method after 10 days of my HT from the same doctor, understanding that BHT is common now and i have not heard much about visible life long scars (I hope i am right).



I decided for white chest hair removal with this method as Electrolysis/thermolysis is time consuming multiple session method specially for such large area and Laser do not work on white hairs.

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Congratulations. However, it appears as if your blog only contains a link to the clinic's website. Posting outside links on the community is a violation of our Terms of Service, and one of the other administrators is removing the link. Is it possible for you to share some of the actual images in this thread or on your blog? If you need assistance sharing the images, feel free to ask.


Also, just to clarify: do you have any affiliation with the clinic or are you simply a satisfied patient?



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