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Surgery scheduled for August with Dr. Radha, need advice for travel to India.

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Hi guys, I am new to the forum here, have read many post and reviews, it's a great community. I have scheduled surgery with Dr. Radha for early August. I live in the US and so will be flying there, and I'm not exactly sure whether to fly into Visakhapatnam or fly into Mumbai and take a car to Visakhapatnam. She has a lady on her website that helps to arrange everything, but I think she may be taking awhile to get back to me. If any of you guys have been to India or seen Dr. Radha I would appreciate your insight.


Thanks in advance.

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Do NOT take car from Mumbai to Vizag. It is a long way. You can fly Mumbai-Vizag. Vizag is also called 'Visakhapatnam'.


There is a phone number on Dr. Radha's website, you can email her for help and also give her a call after sending the email.

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