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Question about Nioxin

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I have been using Nioxin #2 shampoo and conditioner for about three weeks. I have to admit that I think it does make my hair appear thicker and I like the feeling on my scalp after I use it, but I have noticed an increase in hair loss when I take a shower. From the reviews I have read online, this is to be expected for at least a month or so with Nioxin and then the hair loss will slow. Do you guys have similar experiences? I am going to stick with Nioxin for at least two or three months more but I am wondering if I should stop should the hair loss continue at the current rate after about a month.



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An initial hair shedding period is typical with just about any treatment for hair loss. Nioxin shampoo and conditioner in my opinion, are among the best at cleansing the scalp and volumizing the hair, making it appear thicker and fuller. I personally like the menthol minty fresh sensation on the scalp after application. That said, I wouldn't count on Nioxin alone to stop your hair loss. It's much more effective to combine any shampoo "treatment" with proven hair loss treatments like Propecia and Rogaine.


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