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Recommended Shampoo post op??

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I am currently 9 days post op and my post op instructions say to wash hair once a day from day 10-15 (once scabs have cleared) until 2 months however I am currently using the shampoo provided by Dr Lorenzo/Farjo's and am running out fast.


Would appreciate some suggestions as to which shampoo to switch to that will not harm my grafts or future growth!

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I used the mildest SLS-free shampoo I could find - California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash. Another mild SLS-free shampoo I used for a while - Fundamental Shampoo. Regenepure NT is pretty gentle as well. I've used them all on my grafted hair. If you have or develop dandruff or dermatitis, there are other shampoos to consider.

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