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hair transplant with Vinci London to restore hairline


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Hi all,


I went on a trekk online to find out more about Vinci London and Dr. Nikos. I found some good reviews about him mainly about the amount of surgeries he had in his portfolio, that makes a lot of difference.


At first, at Vinci London, I actually thought my procedure would be more expansive than other clinics, that is because of the location of the clinic, it?s office and it?s high profile clients. Actually, I was wrong, prices were average with all other clinics and I felt safer there. I would image that a clinic that has got over 12 locations over the world would be concerned about the quality of their procedures and they are! Dr. Nikos told me details about the Hair Transplant that I didn?t know and I considered myself an expert already due to so much research online.


Questions about the hair angule, direction, real expectations and precise results, this is what I wanted, an honest doctor, not a salesman!


Anyone concerned with a FUT scar? mine was razor thin, really, not only that, there is hair coming throught the whole thing, that is right! Hair coming from the scar, I was surprised as this came to be a nice bonus!!


Anyway, personally, I would not choose anyone else if in the UK. About 1 year after the procedure, I am very happy with the results, thinking about having a second procedure with him in December...


I believe we need to give more credit to our good surgeons here, they are just as experienced if not more than some American big shots over the Atlantic.


I started reading more and more good reviews about our surgeons here, Dr. Nikos is one of them, people flying all across Europe to have their FUE or FUT with him.



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What does the scar look like today, one year after? I would like to see some before/after pics too!


Also, you night get more responses if you posted in the right topic forum, this is the FUE forum.

I'm serious.  Just look at my face.


My Hair Regimen: Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

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