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New user looking for FUE recommendations in the UK

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Hi guys,


I'm a new member to the forum but I've been reading through some of the reviews and recommendations on here over the last couple of weeks and sounds like there is a lot of support and a lot of people with good info on here.


I'm 27 years old and suffered with gradual hair loss since I was about 20. Until recently it hasn't really bothered me, but having just finished a long-term relationship I've become more concious of my hair loss and have looked into doing something about it.


I've recently had 2 consultations for possible FUE; One with the The Private Clinic (Dr. Raghu Reddy) and one with Elite Hair Restoration (Dr. Hassan Nurein). I haven't found much information on Dr. Nurein so not sure if he is worth considering but Dr. Reddy seems to have a good reputation.


Can any recommend any other good surgeons/companies in the UK for possible FUE treatment please? I'm serious about getting this done soon but am very concious that research is important and I don't want to rush into things.


Thanks for any help and recommendations.



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Lorenzo only in UK until September then he is returning to Madrid. There are also decent surgeons in Belgium which is only a stones throw away via Eurostar also some good results from Turkish surgeons too.


My advice would be do lots of research on this forum before making any decision. I took a year to make my mind up and ended up going to Lorenzo and so glad I did my research.

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Most of the horror stories occur in the UK if you go to an amateur or a butcher. It's worth travelling once or twice in a lifetime to save yourself. Belgium & Turkey aren't far & cheaper than the UK prices anyhow. Think about it.


Drs. Bisanga, Feriduni, Devroye, Erdogan, Hakan, Demisroy & Maral. Research those for a start.

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