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Hair World Istanbul Dr. Dilek Akyol

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Hi All ,


Actually I was looking for good clinic in Turkey to have my surgery ..

till now I didn't decide .. but I found good clinic in other websites called : Hair World Istanbul .. with Dr. Dilek Akyol ..


I tried so many times to search for any results related to this clinic but I couldn't find ..


if any one please knows positive or negative feedback help me please ..


or advise me with a good and trusted clinic to go with but with average cost of 2200 EUR ..


Thank you ..

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Hello, what makes you think they're good if you can't any results or feedback on them? What does tell you about them. Do your research.


Dr. Maral has very low prices & there are is good feedback about his work.


Dr. Erdogan does very nice work.


Consider the surgeons in Belgium as well- Drs. Feriduni & Bisanga have some excellent feedback.

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Thank you ..


I think this clinic new in Istanbul and they have another branch in Netherlands .. I'm trying to have my final decision but till now I couldn't .. I feel comfortable with the way this clinic dealing with me .. they are professional till now ..


I don't prefer to go with DR . Maral because as what I read here that his team will do the work and some time you will never see him during surgery ..


max budget is 3000 EUR and don't prefer to go to any place rather than Turkey ..


do I think I have to do it and go with Hair World Istanbul and try my luck if it's good decision ? or any suggestions .. plz help

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i have done my procedure in Turkey , with hair time istanbul , Dr. Dilek Akyol .

i have completed 1 year of procedure and the operation was great with great results.

they have been follow up with me during 1 year of procedure they are so carefully about their patients and they are working totally in different way than other clinics in istanbul.

i would like to thank all the team and Dr. Dilek for the kindness and professional work


please check my profile

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