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Dr Carman 3458 Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplant to repair full hairline deficit as a result of facelift procedure. 7 Day post Op.

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I thought this would be a good case to illustrate the use of hair restoration as a corrective procedure following facelift surgery in a female patient, something less encountered here on the forum.

Pt is a 66 YO female with the following deficits:

Preoperative Diagnosis: Alopecia and scarring secondary to previous surgical procedures (facelifts), which have resulted in:

1)Receded frontal and bitemporal hairline;

2)Elevation and recession of temporal points bilaterally;

3)Recession of bilateral sideburn areas.

4)Scarring/thinning in areas posterior to sideburn areas.

Our goal therefore, is to create the frontal and temporal hairlines, as well as the bilateral temporal points, taking care to utilize a large number of single hair grafts to recreate a softer appearing hairline, especially important in the temporal point and sideburn areas.

A total of 3458 grafts were used in the case as follows;

1's = 1129; 2's=2166; 3's=163.


969104653_91C6FC0F6CFAF4F3B10A65385B6F7F82.jpg.thumb 869104653_FBCE95F8C56CC7A016380778325ABF94.jpg.thumb 769104653_56D599AA85899512469F61450FAC4276.jpg.thumb 669104653_3A0B6B0A15608100ACBE0FB1282317C3.jpg.thumb 379104653_5BE2076F6EEEE146B57EF7D3D8967BBA.jpg.thumb 279104653_E239B765F6156655B5070BB76E67EBA3.jpg.thumb 179104653_A08923DB2894460324612292CC2A2160.jpg.thumb



Timothy Carman, MD ABHRS

President, (ABHRS)
ABHRS Board of Directors
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