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FUE with Hakan Doganay (1693 grafts) after 10 months


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I want to share my personal experience suffering from hair loss and the procedure that followed up .

Firstly, now i am a 25 year old guy that had trobles with hair loss for aprox 8-9 years, basically i started to lose hair when i was 16-17 years old. I went to doctors and followed treatments that were no very helpfull for me. Around 22-23 i was convinced that a FUE procedure will solve most of my problems regarding hair loss,because it started to affect my life in every single aspect ,from a confident, joyful guy i became a shy guy .

In February 2013 i started browsing the internet in order to pick a clinic or a doctor fit for me and my expectations, i had online consultations and the vast majority of clinics/doctors told me that i had a diffuse hair loss and that i need 1500-2200 grafts. Some told me that i am kinda young for a Fue at that time and the best course of action would have been to start a new treatment.

2013 Spring was a time of dabating inside my head: doing the Fue or not, staring a treatment or not. The time passed by and I decided in late May that i will go for the Fue and in the meantime i narrowed my options. I decided i will do the procedure with AHD from Turkey after lots of questions (i have to thank them one more time for this) via emai so they booked for me a day in late June (26th) and i bought only a plane ticket because someone was there , waiting for me at the airport and they also booked a hotel for me. The first day went on smothly with discussions about the procedure and not only. I had a good feeling about it and the warm welcome gave me confidence i went for the right clinic. One more positive thing i that the guys from AHD did everything for me : i didn’t had to worry how to get there because they will assure the transport from hotel to clinic and everything elese that you need.

The procedure lasted about 10 hours for 1693 grafts. The first wash after FUE was done at the clinic in order for me to learn how to do it corectly alone.I washed my head 3 times /day for the next few days and after that 2 times/ week.After 10 days or so(after the procedure) i started using Proscard or Propecia ( recommended by the clinc) Minoxidill 5% ,vitamin H and i also bought a Dermaroller.The first week is not very comfortable cause you have to be very careful how you sleep so that you won’t affect the newly transplanted grafts. I trimed my hair very shortly for a few months and only after 5 months post op i started to let my hair grow.

All in all i must say i am more than pleased with the procedure and how everything worked out for me because it is a big change after 10 months . Very grateful for the work Dr. Hakan Doganay and his team from AHD clinic did for me.


Grafts Details:

625 Single

673 Double

395 Triple

The first 3 picture are before FUE




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Great results!


Do you mind me asking why you chose Dr Hakan over for example Erdogan? I am in the process of chosing a doctor myself, that is why I am asking. And if its possible, what was the price per graft?

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I saw online some former patients and most of them were satisfied with the work Dr Hakan has done . I know it can be very stressful picking a clinicor a doctor cause of the pro and cons but it can be kind of a spontaneous decision or based on the instinct.

2 euros per graft

I was to choose between Hakan and a clinic from Cyprus

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