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Dr. Keene patient 3600+ FUT and FUE

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This patient came to Dr Keene at age 30 to restore a more youthful hairline, as well as to add density over the thinning midfront and crown area. After his first procedure in 2007, he was very pleased with the results. But even though he has been taking finasteride since prior to his first surgery in 2007, he did continue to thin in the non permanent areas, so chose to add more density in 2010 with FUT, and 800 FUE in July of 2013. He was aware from the beginning that the risk of additional hair loss could occur, and he was happy to not have to go through a period of virtual baldness, so that the gradual attrition and addition of hair was not as obvious as it might otherwise have been. These photos are from before his first procedure in 2007, and from 10 months post his FUE surgery.


Here is the graft breakdown for the total of his procedures:


1s) 304+

2s) 1361+

3s) 1375

4s) 563

Total 3603+ FUT and FUE


*We include in the count the number of grafts he paid for, and indicate where he received more with a plus sign











I am a medical assistant and hair transplant surgical assistant employed by Dr. Keene


Dr. Keene is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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