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Dr. Wen-Yi Wu One pass surgery FUT 3460 grafts on class V Chinese patient

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Follicular unit transplantation ( FUT ) performed on a 31 y/o Chinese patient:

- One session of 3460 grafts were done.

- Norwood Class V(a) patient

- Donor density of 80 FU/cm2 at mid-occiput area, 68 FU/cm2 at the parietal area.

- Hair diameter of 78 microns, black color, straight hair

- On Finasteride before the transplant for hair loss prevention, but no obvious regrowth noted.

- Patient expectation is to have hair covering frontal zone and the mid scalp. Will consider vertex transplant in the future


Treatment plan:

Recipient area:

- total of about 100 cm2 balding area to be transplanted; 50cm2 in the frontal zone and roughly 50 cm2 in the mid scalp plus the upper arc of whorl

- roughly 2000 grafts to the frontal zone and 1400 grafts to the mid scalp, upper arc of whorl

-recipient site density of about 30 to 40 grafts per cm2; 40 in the front and 30 in the mid scalp.

- start transplanting from the existing frontal hair line which is about 7 cm from the glabella

- combination of sagittal and coronal incisions with gauge 21 hypodermic needle for the single hair and custom made 1 mm blade for the 2-hair and 3- hair follicles

-Dense packing in the frontal hair line with about 50 single hair /cm2.

-Frontal tuft receive 40 to 45 grafts/cm2 and the rest of the frontal zone 40 grafts /cm2.

-mid scalp receive about 30 grafts/cm2


Donor area:

-Total number of grafts harvested:

1403 single hair

1728 double hair

329 triple hair


-Donor strip 29 cm X 1.6 cm was excised.

-Donor wound closed in 2 layers. One layer with Nylon as retention suture and the other layer, superficial running suture with Vicryl

-Trichophytic closure with trimming of the lower edge applied



- Asian scalps, in general, are tighter and have less hair density than Caucasian scalps; thus a larger strip needs to be excised. Asian hair, however, is thicker in caliber and, therefore, produces better coverage.

- The majority of Asian patients have straight hair.

- Because there is a strong color contrast in Asians between their black hair and pale skin, the all FUT procedure produces the most natural look.

- - Average Asian follicles are 5-6 mm in length, whereas they are 4-5mm for

Caucasians. There is higher risk of producing "transactions" when doing transplants on Asians because of longer hair follicles.

- Asians have a higher ratio of single hair follicles. The survival of single hair follicles are lower than the 2 or 3 hair follicles

















Wen-Yi Wu M.D. FISHRS 吳文藝醫師


Fellow International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery

國際植髮醫學會 資深研究員


Diplomate ABHRS

American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

美國植髮醫學會 專科認證


Taiwan Hair Transplant 台灣萌髮診所


8F, 21 Section 3, Nanjing East Road, Taipei, Taiwan



Telephone: 886-225011383


Email: wu@hair7838.com


LINE ID: taiwanhair


What's App: +886 972-978-333


Wechat ID: taiwanhair



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This patient had prior treatment with Finasteride. He stopped the medication because no obvious growth was noted. Still we put him back on mediciation after the procedure. Telling him the goal is to slow down the progression of hairloss since AGA is progressive over one's life time.

Dr. Wen-Yi Wu is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network
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To Johnboy 71,


This is my typical FUT patient.

In my opinion, this patient is not suitable for FUE for some reasons.

He needs many grafts ( megasessions or gigasessions ) to cover the bald area.

He is still young and may need future sessions to cover other areas.

He is Chinese and the color contrast between scalp and hair are obvious.

If we end up with using a lot of FUE grafts, the donor area might end up with white walling, hypopigmentation or see-through effects. These complications are not easily corrected.

Dr. Wen-Yi Wu is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network
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I try to limit to one FUE session of no more than 2000 grafts.

Chinese hair are coarse in general and we need to use a bigger punch for harvesting.

Over harvesting will deplete the donor supply and create problems to the donor appearance; which is not easily to be corrected.

Dr. Wen-Yi Wu is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network
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