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Australia Propecia - Doc says no repeats?


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I live in West Aust. I've been taking Propecia for a little over a year - no brilliant result but sticking it out a bit longer. I have found it hard to stick to the tablet a day and often miss a few days at the end of the month/half pills as the prescribing doctor informs me he cannot give me a script with repeats, every month I have to go in and get another prescription filled out, which is a hard thing to organise around work. It takes him three minutes to print me off a script - theres no tests or anything done, he doesn't ask me any questions - why can I not get like five repeats or something? Is there any one in Aust. using propecia that can verify this is normal? I get the feeling the good doc likes making money, but it's a real inconvenience, and if its uneccesary I would like to know so I can either pull him up on it or leave and find a better doctor, having to mess around with booking appointments, then going to a pharmacy that never has propecia in stock and has to order it is starting to really annoy me, especially considering a months worth of propecia is now $108.


Thanks in advance for any responses!



(P.S - the pharmacy always having to order it in - 3 Day wait- is another issue, can any Aust propecia users recommend an online pharmacy that I can send the prescriptions to that can arrange to have me covered? There has to be an easier/better way than the way I've been doing it for the past year)

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I've been haemorrhaging money - I checked out Chemist Warehouse after seeing you mention it, that looks like where I'll be going from now on. The doctor I was seeing made it sound like you couldn't get a repeat on it without returning, and it's been a real stress juggling that with the pharmacy having to order it in every single time. Hopefully this will make it easier to maintain a routine - it will definitely help everything else, time, budgeting. I should have figured it all out/queried it sooner - thanks again for the info!

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