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3 months post op

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I had transplants done to the crown area. Its been over 3 months now. I don't really see any growth but I understand I should at least 6 months - 1 year. I do see some occasional redness and a pimple once in a while. I do see some growth in the bald area but I think that is just the sparse residual hair that was present before transplant but had been shaven off.


If anybody has experience or knowledge of crown area transplants, I have a couple of questions


1. Did you notice any visible growth - even thin or minor growth after three months.

2. My bald patch is roughly 3in/4in ( 3/3 mostly) and I got around 1800 grafts. I am not sure this is a good enough number but I was told most of my roots were strong. do you think I can expect any decent result with this number ?




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1. The grafts barely begin to grow thin, wispy hairs around the 3 month mark. Like you said, growth will either be very "minor" or "thin" until probably months 5-6. It will take a full 12 months for the transplant to mature, and you should be able to assess the final yield at this point.


2. Difficult to state based upon this information alone. Most crown reconstructions (seem to) require roughly 1,500 to 2,000 grafts. However, this is just anecdotal evidence I've noticed on the forums, and it is difficult to give you a strong opinion based upon the description alone. What do you mean by "decent result?" It sounds like an appropriate number of grafts, but more information may help us provide a better answer!


Good luck.

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