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My Hair transplant surgery FUT post-op (from day1 to 3 months after surgery)

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I remember when I started to loose my hair at my early 26 and how self-conscious it made me and stressful as well...now I am 34 and I have decided to make a FUT hair transplant surgery.


The surgery itself was not painful at all, but I had many doubts if I was taking the right choice or not...cost very high 7000$ just for the front area (I will share with you my pictures and a link to my video after 3 months surgery).


When I started to take pictures after my hair transplant surgery FUT, it was just for myself to see the progression and how successful or disappointing the results are going to be. I don't know yet for now, but I hope it'll be up to my expectations. This surgery cost me 7000$.


Yeah! a lot of money but I wanted to do it since so many years. So I made it after a lot of reflection but I am glad I've done it today regardless the results rather than to live the rest of my life regretting of not having done it earlier.


I had many questions in my entourage and friends who wanted to see the progression in video so I made one (from day1 to 3 months) to show to whom want to do the move but are hesitating, hopefully this would be useful for you or them. [/size][/font]


Don't forget guys, the most important thing / person in life is yourself! so take care of yourself first, create your own happiness and live your dreams :)


Link to my post-surgery video before and 3 months after:





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The progression video is a really cool idea! Well done.


Looks like you're well on your way!

3840 FUT grafts + Acell/PRP with Dr. Jerry Cooley April 17, 2014

And, I'll admit it - I'm trying the Help Hair Shake in my smoothies


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