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Should Minoxidil be Avoided during a Shed?


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I'm ready to commit to daily use of minoxidil, but I'm definitely going through a shed. Should I ride out the shed before starting minoxidil to avoid making it worse and accelerating the shedding?


I've been on finasteride for at least 6 years, and my loss has mostly slowed. Last July, I added Nizoral to my routine. I've started and stopped minoxidil countless times and have found it hard to comply because of how messy it is.


Over the past couple of years I've noticed a pattern. It seems that I'll go through 6-7 months of good growth with very little shedding, then it will suddenly accelerate. I realize that the average growth cycle of a hair follicle is 2-7 years, but in a man with MPB, I feel that the cycles become much shorter, often times only months instead of years, and the hairs that grow back become finer and finer over time.

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