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Hello Guys,


I want to research as much as possible, before getting the HT.


After reading, many, many reports on this forum, my overall impression and understanding is that, research is key to successfully finding a clinic and doctor for good results, cost and peace-of-mind, before and after surgery.


Does anyone know another web source or forum that is on parallel to this site, as to quality of info and array of opinion?


Any advice on other sources of info would be appreciated.


Cheers, regards,



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There are several very good sites and forums in addition to this one that offer non biased opinions and recommendations about hair restoration doctors and clinics. Do a google search and see whats out there. Remember better decisions are made with more knowledge.

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The following hair transplant forums are excellent sources of information from both hair transplant doctors and patients. Would-be hair transplant patients can learn from others' experiences and read a wealth of information about hair transplant surgery.


???Hair Transplant Forums


???Hair Loss Help


???Hair Transplant Network Forum


???Morphollica Hair Transplant Forum

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