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Severe Facial Swelling Post FUE

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Good Morning Everyone!


Four days ago I received FUE, and I wasn't prepared or informed of the severe facial swelling I would experience following the procedure. At the time of the consult I asked how soon I would be able to wear my wig? Knowing that the grafts are basically where my wig sits I was concerned I would hurt the procedure. I was told not to worry I could start wearing my wig about 3 - 4 days after the procedure. The severe swelling (one of my eyes was barely open) never came up during the consultation. :( I followed post-op instructions religiously, and still experienced severe swelling. At this rate I won't be able to leave my house for two weeks. :mad:


Has anyone else had the same experience? :(

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Facial swelling is a normal part of post-op. The saline injections used during the procedure move downward over a period of about 4-5 days - starting with swelling in the forehead, then eye area and eventually making its way down to the jowls. It is eventually absorbed by the body. Nothing to worry about. Use an ice pack on your forehead several times a day. It'll help.


As for the wig, not sure I would risk it the first 9-10 days post-op, which is when grafts are secure. But others on here might have experience with that. I covered up with a loose-fitting ball cap.

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