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2000 Grafts FUT

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I have attached the results of my first HT procedure. I'm almost 2 years post surgery. 2000 Grafts were transplanted using strip method. I have some concerns because the transplanted hair looks thin and I was wondering if this is the expected growth for 2000 grafts .It still looks thinner than the native hair.

I don't have pre-op pictures as I used to comb over my hair over to hide my bald spot but you can tell from the picture the transplanted area as it's thinner than the hair around.

My surgery was done with one of the recommended surgeons in this forum, but when I saw results from more famous doctors here especially Dr Rahal and Dr Hasson who give you back the same density as the native hair, I wonder if this is not a failed HT.

I cut my hair every month, should I probably let the transplanted hair grow longer to make it look thicker ?




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