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It depends what you mean by safe... in terms of coverage or medically. I had my hair cut two weeks after surgery with a #5 all over. The scar was virtually undetectable. I had some shock loss in the donor area, so a #3 might have been too short for me.


Medically, my guess is once the staples/sutures are out, you should be good to go. Obviously the person cutting your hair needs to be aware to go easy over the donor and recipient areas.


Hope this helps,


Mr. T


Mr. T's 8 month post-op photos

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Once the sutures or staples have been removed and all graft scabs have fallen off there is not much you can do to change your outcome. You want to tell the person who is cutting your hair not to cut to much without first checking to make sure that donor area is well camouflauged. Also know that in most cases the donor scar will become smaller and and less red over time.

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