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Two Month Update. 2500

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2500 units by Dr. DeYarman, done on 1/28


All of the photos are actually about a month a part.


I've been pretty good with the Finasteride so far 1.25mg ed.

No issues with my sex drive at all.


The hair is growing back nicely, I think. It seems to be following the hairline that I had before, which concerned me, but I'm at two months. I can see small hairs sprouting, which is definitely a nice indication. Also I researched it on here and I noticed that most peoples hair grew in thicker where the was hair prior, and it seemed it took a bit longer where there was no hair (in my case the receding hairline).


Didn't really get "shock loss." I did have hair falling out in small amounts here and there, but nothing noticeable.


The hair that is falling out has a thick white wax like residue on it. Which is beyond me on what it is. I've had zero bleeding/pain.


Started using Rogaine in the morning, I read someones article about that it may help speed up the process, who knows. Lots of chemicals.


I was going to ask about what the special shampoo they recommend to take with finasteride, recommendations?








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January 28th - March 10th Update Photo.


Quick few questions:


1. You can see the hair grows in much more thicker in the middle, is that because there was a blood flow there previously?


2. Where I had my receding hairline, what kind of thickness would I be expecting?


3. What is likely to come off these little sprout hairs? They seem so all alone. Hah.


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