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Can daily shampooing cause dandruff?


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I'm not sure, but I am having a lot of dandruff issues lately too. Seems the past 6 months it has really progressed. Went to HT doctor and he said to get on Nizoral - did that an really no help but only worsened it seems or stayed the same.


Went to a dermatologist and they recommended the same but in prescription form and a topical called "Clobetasol Propionate" to use for a short while along with head and shoulders. The dandruff really hasn't seemed to go away and my scalp is soooo dry.


Would love to hear what others say on here. I feel that I am shedding more than normal due to the dryness.

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Yes, but it depends on the type of dandruff you have and how much oil your scalp produces.

If you originally have dry dandruff - just dry skin flaking and somewhat faster skin turnover - then washing everyday will tend to dry out your scalp more, especially in the winter.

So best to wash every other day or so.


Now if you have oily dandruff or seborrheic dermatitis you will need to wash more frequently so the oil and sebum can be cleaned off of the scalp, otherwise your situation will worsen as yeast or fungus will thrive on the oils and produce more tiny irritations which will lead to more dandruff.


I would avoid Nizoral except for the worst cases of very thick and crusty dandruff, and after it's gone switch to another milder dandruff shampoo.

This one has worked for me in the past for SD:



go dense or go home


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