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Fue with fine hair


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So I have seen plenty of good results from blokes with good donor hair,but I don't see to many good results with fine donor hair.Has anyone had a good result with only average donor?most clinics run the other way and won't risk their reputations on fine hair,but there must be some ok to good results out there.better still any doctors want to post some fine hair results.I can only think of 1 the dude from Canada he works for Hasson and Wong Jotronic I think.

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Don't count yourself out, or let a member count you out(not saying it's bad to ask around for opinions here, this is a great site with intelligent members), let a top surgeon(s) count you out. You never know what they could do with your hair. Having fine hair is not the end of the world in hair transplant terms, in my humble opinion.

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