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Dr Raghbir Singh is a crook.


Man who made nearly ?150k selling hair loss pills illegally SPARED jail | UK | News | Daily Express


A DISGRACED doctor who made nearly ?150,000 in just five months by selling hair loss medication illegally over the internet was spared jail today.




Raghbir Singh set up a website in 2011 to sell over-the-counter drugs but quickly became embroiled in supplying unauthorised medication just months later.


The GP, who was suspended after the scandal emerged, sold products used to treat enlarged prostate glands, urinary infections and male pattern baldness containing the compound Finasteride.



He peddled drugs from India, some of which were not licenced for use in the UK, and made an astonishing ?142,016 profit between June and November 2013


The 68-year-old sold products Proscar, Propecia and Finasteride, all of which contain the drug Finasteride, but also a similar and unlicensed product called Finpecia which contains the same compound.


The possible side-effects of Finasteride include, cold sweats, confusion and dizziness, as well as itchy skin, rapid weight gain and swelling to the face, limbs, hands and feet.


In extreme cases it can result in bloody discharge from the nipples and lumps in the breasts or underarms.


Finasteride can cause birth defects when exposed to heavily-pregnant women.



Singh was stopped at Gatwick Airport carrying more than 16,000 Finpecia pills in April 2013 by the UKBA who referred him to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).


The elderly doctor insisted at the time he was unaware that Finpecia was unauthorised but was suspended by the General Medical Council.


Despite his suspension, he still managed to set up another business named UKFinasteride.info where he continued to flog the drugs, Southwark Crown Court heard.


He was caught when investigators from the MHRA successfully ordered 28 Finpecia pills from his business.


A subsequent search at his property in West Sussex then found massive quantities of Finasteride products.



Singh admitted two counts of supply of prescription-only medications without a valid prescription, and two counts of possession of medical products with intent to supply without a valid prescription.


Judge Anthony Leonard QC handed down a four month suspended sentence.


In his remarks he said: "By your pleas of guilty you have brought an end to your distinguished career as a doctor and of course you have lost your good name in society.


"There are two aspects which I consider make the offence serious, firstly the importation of Finpecia, which can't be prescribed in this country.


"Secondly, you continued to prescribe these drugs after you had been told you should not."


He has also been condemned to wear an electronic tag and to follow a 8pm and 7am curfew for the next two months.


Nicholas Hamblin, defending, said Singh should be given a lenient sentence because of his plea of guilty and because of his poor health.


He said: "This is not a fraud on the NHS - often these kinds of cases give rise to a significant burden on the public purse.


"He was working as a doctor effectively from January 1976 and there were no disciplinary hearings against him at any stage for any other matter. He had a practice in Dalston until 2001.


"He retired because he was unwell, and he receives a small pension from the NHS.


"This is a case that has a very sad ending, over the course of many years he's done so many good things for so many people - it really is a sadness that at the age of 68 he should end up at Southwark Crown Court."


Singh lives alone after he seperated from his wife.


The suspended doctor of Three Bridges in West Sussex also suffers from hypotension and mobility problems due to knee injuries.

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