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  1. Any other genuine UK suppliers for FIN?
  2. UK FIN is now closed, any other genuine UK supplier?
  3. Hello everyone, Has any one had experience with this online pharmacy for generic propecia? **Appecia / Proscalpin**
  4. He emailed me back and said they have some in stock how ever my finances are tight at the moment so I might just have to buy the Almus 5mg ones. I only take 0.5 mg every other day so how would I cut these? I know its a simple question but I just cant work out how.
  5. That's him but he no longer sells finpecia : /
  6. Any one know why he's stopped selling finpecia?
  7. Ok I found him but it looks like he no longer sells Finpecia, does any one know any where else in the UK that sells it?
  8. Back in December time I purchased some Finpecia of a UK supplier, he's an actual GP and I am running out now but I have lost all his details etc. Does any one know who I am on about?
  9. Glad your seeing results! hope I start getting the same in the next 3 months!
  10. My scalp is noticeably more see through but I guess it's the minox doing it's job and working?
  11. Just wondering how people are doing who are also early in to Minox? I have been on it for two months, not really noticed a shed as I don't count hairs but I am hopeful for improvement over the next few months. Started taking 0.5mg of Propecia due to side every other day and so far so good! also just started Nizoral shampoo. I know its going to be a rocky road.
  12. hey dude i want to start finesteride now as i am already NW 3 so want to take it before its too late. how was you xperience with finesteride(side effects as well as hair maintainence) ?

    did you get it with prescription ?

  13. I have been on this now for two and a half months and my hair has seriously thinned out. I guess it's to be expected?
  14. Hopefully your hair will start re-growing soon but don't worry to much about it. I had the same problems and I just cut Grade/Buzz cut it to a number 1 and I like it, really makes the difference.