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African American Male 202 Graphs by Dr. William Lindsey 2/21/2014

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One day I woke up and a huge patch of my hair was missing from the top of my head. To this day I still have no idea how this happened. This completely devastated and destroyed my confidence being a 27 year old male with a huge bald spot in the front of his head. Instead of doing extensive research I just wanted to find the first quick fix as possible and came across Dr. Richard Giannotto website and this was the worst decision I made in my life. I went in for a consultation and was told strip surgery was the best option then i asked about my hairline and beard and was told that could be filled in as well. Signed up for Care Credit dropped the 5k for the procedure and It should of been a red flag when the doctor wasn't even doing the surgery it was 2 assistants who looked like they just graduated out of high school but I still went through with it anyway and now i have this horrible scar in the back of my head for the rest of my life and the surgery was a complete failure. I drive back and forth from MD to VA 2x a week for 2 months to sit under a light for 15 minutes because I was told it would help the growing process. A year after I went back and after seeing no improvement the doctor advised me since i was an African American it may take a little longer for my hair to start growing in and at this time I knew this was complete bullshit and I just got taken and i look even worse than i did before. After waiting another 4 months and seeing no improvement I found the hairrestorationnetwork.com website and start reading other testimonials about Giannotto and realized i had been duped. I found Dr. Lindsay and met with him and decided we were going to do 202 graphs to cover the bald spot in the front of my head and this was a success then we could go from there. Dr. Lindsay actually performed the surgery along with help from his staff and everyone was so nice and it was basically painless and after a week I shaved my head and no one could tell I had surgery. Dr Lindsay took some pictures of the before and after surgery and the 7 days later which I will post and will also post pictures at the 6,9,and 12 month point.










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