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Manageability of transplanted hair


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Hi all,


Can someone tell me how manageable transplanted hair on a hairline is? As in to style? Since the hairs are coming from the back and sides and will naturally be a bit thicker I was just wondering.


Also I'd be interested to hear about manageability at different stages post-op.


I know the hair when it first starts growing will be very wirey looking and probably be going in the wrong direction until it settles (as I've seen in some post op pics) but it something I'm interested in.


I've had the same hairstyle for nearly 20 years (latterly to hide my receding) and if I get the ok from Dr Bisanga after my consultation and I get what after my procedure then I'll probably become the mousse and gel king.


Is it very manageable and good to mess about with or does the direction of the graft placements pretty much dictate what side to part on and how to comb?


EDIT - Just while I'm here what is the opinion on Bio oil for post op application for redness? I use it to reduce red marks on my face from acne left over from my teenage years and it does a good job I must says so just thought I'd get an opinion.

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