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Need suggestion regarding HT surgery in Istanbul.


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Hello all,


I would like to do my hair transplantation in Istanbul as it is offering very cheap offers. I have a norwood class 4a pattern hair loss. I was looking for a good HT clinic for couple of months and found 3 places which are convenient for me because of the pricing. The 3 places I have shortlisted are:


1. Medical Park hair transplant center.

2. Istanbul Hair Center. and

3. Cevre hospital.


I would like to ask for your suggestions if any of u have the experience or know about these places. The reviews are good and I chose them after reading the reviews and considering the prices. I am now confused about thinking what should I do? I cant take a risk of losing money for a really bad HT surgery. I want to make sure to find the best place for my HT and I appreciate your help and valuable suggestion.


Please let me know if you have any knowledge about these places.


Thanks in advance.



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@Greatjob:: thanks for your suggestion. I also saw their work but for 3000 grafts they seem quite expensive. But I will keep looking and hopefully will be able to chose one of them.


I admit they are expensive for me as well, but compared to North American surgeons, they're HT's are a bargain and that's not a knock on NA hair surgeons. But from what I have seen from Dr. Doganay and Dr. Erdogan, they give 100% great quality HT's. I think for 3000 grafts you'd pay $10k, compare that to the $7-10 dollar per FUE graft from other doctors, while also comparing their results, it's a no brainer if you can afford it you should go with Doganay or Erdogan. They give the best results I have seen especially for NW2-4.


Dr. Maral seems to be getting a bad rap from only one member here, it's very unfortunate for that member and I wish him the best, but every other member seems to have had a positive experience with him.

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Hello All,


I did my HT in medical park hospital istanbul. It was a great experience. 3000 grafts were planted and it was awesome. The whole procedure is painless. All cost 2000euro. I am happy witht he treatment. People told me a lot of bad things but i decided within 1 month and came here. And i am now very happy and confident about my decision. Dont listen to people. most of them only can scare u. if anyone wants more photos i can upload. thanks.

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