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Title: Hair Transplant Results For Scar, Hairline, Crown and Top With 8000 BHT Grafts

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This patient initially chose to undergo strip surgery. But most of his grafts did not grow. He continued to experience substantial thinning on top of his head, hairline recession and a noticeably sparse crown. And of course, a large strip scar also remained on the back of his head.


After using a considerable portion of his head donor follicles, he had very few resources left on his scalp to fix his areas of concern through another procedure.


BHT Surgery


However, new possibilities became available to him through body hair transplantation. Dr. Umar was able to extract 8,000 uGrafts. This donor supply mostly consisted of hair from the patient’s beard area. Nape hair was used for the hairline edge. And Dr. Umar also included some head hair to help create a more even looking texture throughout the recipient zones.


The grafts were inserted to conceal the strip scar. They were also added to the crown and top to improve the density in these areas. And Dr. Umar also advanced the patient’s hairline to create a more youthful looking frame around the patient’s face.








uGraft Extractions and Graft Health


The ability to harvest a large number of follicles from body sources requires having the right extraction tools. Dr. Umar achieved the 8000 graft supply using uGraft, his Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction technology.


These instruments have been designed to include specialized features which can safely harvest the hair structures growing at various acute angles in the beard areas and nape.


Careful handling of the extracted follicles during the storage period, prior to their insertion in the recipient areas, is also important for their survival and ability to fully thrive in order to produce the expected levels of coverage.


Wound Healing


UGraft also includes the ability to create specific donor wound configurations to render any scarring that occurs as cosmetically insignificant as possible.


The patient’s video can also be accessed here if the embed does not appear on this post



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Representing Dr. Umar of DermHair Clinic.


Dr. Umar is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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