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2nd or more FUE procedures - Transplanted Hair falls?

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Hello everyone.


After we doing a first FUE procedure is it true that in the next FUE procedures our own hair and own previously transplanted hair (from the 1st FUE) can fall?


I mean, after the 1st procedure we can experience all the definitive hair falling?


If this is true how much time does it take to start regrowing once again? Does it take more or less the same time to regrow as the transplanted hair from the 2nd and next FUEs in the same person?

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it largely depends on the skill of the surgeon, also head shaving for better view of the graft area and not starting/stopping meds within the transplant before and after timeline are a must


I had a good HT #1 and was afraid of shock loss, but eventually got refined results with subsequent procedures and had little or no shockloss (with FUT)

go dense or go home


Unbiased advice and opinions based on 25 plus years of researching and actual experience with hair loss, hair restoration via both FUT & FUE, SMP, scalp issues including scalp eczema & seborrheic dermatitis and many others


HSRP10's favorite FUT surgeons: *Dr. Konior, *Dr Hasson, Dr. Rahal

HSRP10's favorite FUE surgeons: *Dr. Konior, *Dr. Bisanga, Dr. Erdogan, Dr. Couto

(*indicates actual experience with doctor)

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