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Hair transplant training

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Learned a lot from these forums about hair loss and transplants. The stories people present are incredibly powerful - the sufferer`s perspective is the most important, and knowledge is key to overcoming obstacles.


I am 38, and suffer from MPB, I guess Norwood 2-3a. So not severe and have good growth on the parietal and occipital areas, so donor sites are good. I treated a friend of my with Propecia 1.25mg, and another with 1mg - they both worked but with a delayed effect.


And now treating myself - but after 3 months, not much happening. I am a physician, by the way ! Started looking at HT - and been reading for the last 2-3 months about FUE/FUT. I care about skin - dermatology is my speciality. And I have now been thinking....you know, if you really want to do something, and you suffer from the condition anyway....could you try and do it yourself ??


The answer is a yes....but with pitfalls. Which is where a website like this is frankly amazing. I thought about learning from Antonio Armani - and then read all the messages on this forum. Revealing, to say the least.


Training in FUE takes a long time - a good few years, to become average, and then some to become good. And there are way too many incompetent surgeons flogging their so called "training courses" for 10-20k, which is ridiculous.

I live in London, UK. The land of socialised medicine. If you live here - you know how patients with skin and hair loss problems are treated. Or trivialised, should I say.

So if anyone can shed any light on what is a dark corner - I would be extremely grateful.


Mick., aka hairandnow !

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