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eyelid turned brown after HT :( please advise

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Hi All,


I had my Hair transplant surgery on 14th Feb 2014. I was advised by Dr Radha to wear the headband for 3-5 days. I wore it only for almost 3 days.


The bad effect is that my forehead and my eyes started swelling but it was painless. Now today morning I noticed that my left eyelid has turned brown and it looks as if it has even wrinkled. :(


I am so worried that about this. Will this turn black and stay for weeks for weeks before it goes away? I am not sure.. I just hoping it will not leave any permanent mark... :(


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No need to worry, you have some bruising that has migrated down into your eyelid region. It is not uncommon for fluids to move downward away from the surgical site and finally settle in the upper eyelid. In your case there is a bit of blood that have moved into the discolored region. I would expect the swelling to resolve over the next few days, but the bruise may take a bit longer to fully clear. The purple color may transition into a yellow-tinge color as the blood is metabolized. You can use a concealer over the area if the discoloration bothers you, but rest assured that this is temporary.

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