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Donor pics after ht - only short hair


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Hi all,

I considering ht in AHD dr Hakan Doganay but I didn't find any photos of donor area in short hair (less than 1cm). All the patients have medium or long hair but the question is how does the donor look like regarding very short hair ? Grafts are extracted by micro motor so it's big possibility to notice little scars (little white dots) when hair are very short. I saw not good donor made by micro motor in Getfue clinic so I wonder if it could be the same situation in case of AHD clinic cause the method of extracting is the same (mechanical punch).

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Being only four months post surgery it is not easy to say for sure. This could be a combination of problems. There could be some temporary donor shock from the procedure or it could simply be a matter of over harvesting a less than ideal donor zone. Without pre-op photos it is difficult to have a solid idea of what the pre-op density was like.

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