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3774 FUT Dr. Rahal 4 Month Update!


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Alright, so I am finally at the 4 month mark and am being completely honest when I say that I am extremely happy with whats happening.


I have seen a lot of new growth in the past month, and new hairs seem to be popping up all the time. Density isnt quite there yet but I know that there is still lots of time for that. I took these pictures after I just had a shower and a haircut so there is nothing in my hair at all. The last picture is how I style my hair with xfusion hair fibers before I go out just to give you guys an idea of how great the stuff is in the early stages. Its virtually undetectable and everyone is raving about how good my hair looks. Just the tiniest bit can add the look of so much density its crazy.


Even if I did not experience any more growth I would still be very very happy with having this result that I have now. My life has changed, my confidence is back, and I cant wait to see what happens at 5 months and beyond.


There is no pain left at all and all numbness is gone. The scar is still very hard to find. I was worried about my left temple point not keeping pace with my right, but now I can clearly see the outline of it cause it is filled with very small, fine, new hairs that are clearly growing.


Please ask me any questions you might have.










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Wow, quite a change from 3 to 4 months ! Looking forward to seeing your 6 month pics for sure.


thanks for sharing

1st HT 1973 FUT's with Dr.Robert Mcclellan 6/28/2007

*unfortunately I have no info on hair count on my 1st surgery ..


2nd HT 3026 FUT's with Dr. Bernadino Arocha 1/9/2014


1's - 797

2's - 3700

3's - 246

5634 hairs



3026 FUTs 1 day HT#2 post op frontal picture

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There has been a lot of itching from day one, but I don't think its anything to worry about. Obviously you cant start scratching your head for quite a while but I look at the itching as a sign of healing and that new hairs are growing.

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