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Refined open technique vs fue


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Dear ALL,


I am considering HT for me.

I am 36 year old, and suffering continuous hair loss [i think, i am Norwood IV A ].

I went in some HT clinic in and they told me that my back head donour's area is not having ample hair and they told me that upto 2700 hairs can be taken from the donor area for transplantation using FUE (hospital is more good in FUE).

They also told me that since I am having less hair (2700) to move from donor area that is why a proper planning and art is required so that they can cover the bald area with less hair.

I have enquired a lot on Google and on this forum to get a good surgeon for the HT.

I have concluded two name for me as given below

1- Dr. Pathuri Madhu .

2- Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich.


I understood that Dr. Madhu is economic than Dr. Pathomvanich, but Dr. Pathomvanich is also offering competitive price for the surgery. discussing price is not my agenda or scope, because both are in my budget [can afford upto 3.5$].

My objective are followings

1) No mark after the surgery

2) best hair style look

3) less shock for the existing hair (don't want to loose more existing hair).

4) Good hair design so that i can get good look after a year.

5) Don't want to repeat the HT again in future.


I think Dr. Pathomvanich is offering HT using REFINED OPEN TECHNIQUE and Dr. Madhu is offering using FUT/FUE.


Both doctor is having good profile, but seems Dr. Pathomvanich is having better profile and enrich experience.


I would like to know which is best HT technology for me either REFINED OPEN TECHNIQUE or FUE.

Also please feel free to suggest me which doctor can give close match to my objectives.


Thankyou very much to stay on my question, looking forward for your reply.




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