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3,501 FUGs in Three Sessions in NW6 (incl. Top View) - Dr. Robert Bernstein

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Patient QMR is a Norwood Class 6 with slightly wavy, medium thickness, salt and light brown hair. Results after three sessions of hair transplants totaling 3,501 follicular unit grafts.

Note the significant coverage after just 2,285 grafts in two sessions and the restored natural look after the final session of an additional 1,216 FUGs.

In our previous gallery comments section, we were asked for a Top View photo in our next gallery. This patient has a top view and hairline detail in addition to the before/after of three sessions. Always interested in reading your comments.










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Dr. Bernstein,


Thanks for adding a top down picture in this presentation. The results look good.


Do you have any photos showing the crown before and after and/or any postoperative pictures? That would help give an even better overall presentation of the result.


Best wishes,



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