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Dr. Diep - FUE - January 24, 2014 - 2,781 grafts


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had my HT yesterday with Dr. Diep, and the experience overall was amazing. I will use this thread to post updates for the next year.


I am a pretty big guy, 6'3, 190lbs, and can say I have a larger face. I was originally scheduled for 2,250 grafts, but Dr. Diep ended up doing 2,781 total grafts. The majority of the additional grafts were done free of charge. Thank you Dr. Diep! I also received the A-cell injections.


He also told me that my grafts in general were very good.


The surgery overall took about 11.5 hrs, including a 30 min lunch break. Overall it wasn't very painful, but the worst part was when they were implanting the hair, just became restless and took a good 4-5 hrs so I would say that was the most difficult part.


Don't have too much pain in the donor area or recipient area, but my forehead is swollen right now but I expect that to subside within the coming weeks.


Here is a breakdown of the hairs, and some high resolution pics. And as you can see, he also reinforced my existing hair quite a bit for future hair loss.


1's - 742 grafts

2's - 1,541 grafts

3's - 379 grafts

4's - 119 grafts


FYI, I also had a few 5 hair grafts. The Dr. said that's not something they see too often.





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