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Finasteride and Head shaving questions.


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Hey guys,


I just got a 2000 FUT graph yesterday and I had a few questions.


Propecia, Finasteride, and Proscar all have drastically different pricing. My question is, from what I'm reading they're all essentially the exact same product, this being true, why would some still decide to use the more expensive alternative?


My doctor recommended Finasteride and cut it into 4 pieces, taking one each day.


I'm not too scared of the libido side effect, I'm having my blood taken and tested prior to taking any of it, and having it retaken in two months to compare.


Also, I'm allowed to take my staples out around day 10. Knowing that I have the "shedding" from finasteride to look forward to, not to mention the pretty messed up looking head at the moment haha. Question being, after day 10, can I just buzz my head? obviously not touching the transplant area, just the rest of it. This may be a stupid question, but does shaving your head make you lose more hair? Haha, please be kind if that sounds absurd.


Thank you,

Josh Jones


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