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$37. Worth it?!


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Hey guys!


Has anyone spent $37 for that (promotional link removed - you can name the product without linking to it) They promise great results and also a 60 day money back guarantee. There is absolutely nothing to lose, but I still have some doubts. Has anybody tried this? icon_confused.gif

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Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about re-growing hair...


You will NEVER need to search the internet for a legitimate, safe and documented solution to hair loss.


You won't need to go looking for it because it will come to you! It will be the front-page headline in every newspaper, it will be the cover story for every major news magazine and the lead story on every TV newscast, local, national and international.


It won't cost $37 and it won't be sold on a website whose homepage is one long, rambling, grammatically incorrect sentence.

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