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My 85 year old grandfather still has thick nape + temple?

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Hi all - interesting one this


My 85 year old Norwood 6 Grandfather still has a thick nape and temporal region. My Father aged 52 and myself age 27 are both thicker here. I'm currently following the same recession pattern and have been since 17, although a lot slower they both have said (they were Norwood 5's at my age.) and I was a Norwood 3 before my first HT. I'm currently a Norwood 2, and luckily 1.25mg daily of Finasteride seems to be saving the rest thus far.


I'm about to go in for my 2nd HT next week, and the Doc has agreed to use nape of neck hair to soften my hairline, plus also lower it by 1cm maximum. We're guessing around 800 grafts to complete the job...


Since this hair is considered outside of the safe zone - could it be some patients are good candidates to use this region if their family history shows it to be long lasting?


I've included a picture to show the exact areas in question.


Your thoughts would be appreciated - thank you :)


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Some of the temporal hair (as long as it is behind the temporal hair line) is probably still in the safe zone. However, the nape hair is not. Unfortunately, familial patterns cannot predict your own personal hair loss pattern. Androgenic alopecia (genetic male hair loss) is polygenetic - attributed to a variety of genes - with variable penetrance - able to manifest itself as any type of hair loss pattern. In other words, just because your grandfather and father have stable temporal and nape hair does not mean you will as well.


Knowing this, it is hard to say that you are a "good" candidate for using this hair. It still cannot be labeled as "permanent," though it may be fairly stable. As long as both you and the surgeon know this going into the procedure, you could still - in theory - use these hairs. However, scalp hair from the universal safe zone is probably preferred all around (though I'm sure you've heard this speech before). Dr. Umar uses nape hair in his hairline results pretty frequently, so it may be helpful to review some of his hairline results as well.


Good luck!

"Doc" Blake Bloxham - formerly "Future_HT_Doc"


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