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can poorly placed transplanted hairs at hairline be removed and replanted via FUE?

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I am a victim of Dr. Jeffrey Epstein and as such, 5 years ago when he did my HT, he put my hairline about a centimeter too low (also about 80 percent of the grafts died but that's another story). That's not just my opinion, that is the opinion of 2 separate HT docs.


Anyway, my original thought was to remove the hairs that Epstein placed at the hairline and replant them further back via FUE, but when I met with Dr. Rose he told me that it would not be feasible to remove the transplanted hairs via FUE and that I would be better off just using a laser to remove the hair at the hairline.


I guess I'm wondering if that's the final word on the subject? Do you guys think another doctor might be able to remove the hair at the hairline and re-transplant it via FUE, or is Dr. Rose probably right?


It just doesn't make sense to me.....why can docs remove hair from the back of the head via FUE and transplant them, but hair from the hairline can't be moved?


Thanks a lot!

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Single, Dr. Feller punched out some of the large grafts in my hairline from my first surgery and replanted them no problem.

I am the owner/operator of AHEAD INK a Scalp Micropigmentation Company in the New York area. AHEAD INK is a Milena Lardi trained clinic and uses Beauty Medical Tricopigmentation equipment and products exclusively.

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