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how many potential donor hairs do we have? Thinking of 2nd HT, please advise.....

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I had a procedure with Dr. Epstein about 5 years ago and he did a God aweful job. First of all he put the hairline about a centimeter too low and second, about 80 percent of the grafts DIED. Third, I have a huge scar that is constantly bothering me.


I met with Dr. Rose and Dr. Nusbaum and they directed me to a dermatologist who I am having to pay to remove about a centimeter from my hairline with a laser. Can you believe that?


So Dr. Epstein basically wasted countless thousands of potential donor hairs so now I assume I am very limited in how many I have left.


His procedure used 3000 grafts (FUT) so how many do I have left?


I often feel despair about what Epstein did to me and honestly, I only went to him because at the time this site recommended him so I assumed he was one of the best.


It's actually painful for me to even write this post. I went in thinking I was getting a new hairline and it has been nothing but a nightmare ever since.


Anyway, back to my question.....


How many grafts do I have left?

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Have you lasered away the hair from the hairline already?If not please go to HT surgeon specialized in FUE who can pick the grafts from your hairline and then redistribute them where necessary.

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Why burn your precious transplanted hair with laser?

Do you know, you can get everyone of those hairs removed and replanted and a good percentage of them will actually grow again?


Epstein is another strip butcher for sure, but that doesn't mean you have run out of options.


1) Meds? What is the situation?

2) Calm assessment, think for the future. The US and Canada are not good options if you are hoping to escape from strip. Think about Turkey, India, Belgium and the UK.


However, there are some FUE surgeons in North America but the economics of it is just a loss for the docs in terms of opportunity cost. The strip guys can buy a new pool for the kids and actually swim in it with them while the other guy is drilling out FUE back at the HT ranch.


Options. FUE plus SMP plus revision, even another strip. Don't give up and just obliterate your precious hairs unless you really wanna make a statement about it.


I would look into re-designing your hairline, crown and NW 3-4 loss areas with realistic expectations and a long term plan.

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If you are worried about total donor available and already have a strip scar, it doesn't make much sense to turn to fue at this point, unless you are older, have minimal loss and have minimal loss in your family.


It would really help to know how old you are, how advanced your loss is, are you on meds, and it would be extremely helpful if you would post up some pics. I can empathize with you, I had a procedure at age 24 when I was very naive about hair transplants with a recommended doctor who promised me the world with a 800+ graft procedure for me when I was a extremely thinned NW 6. Needless to say I was very disapointed and lived the last 7 years of my life with a terrible head of hair and unable to shave down.

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