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my first ht ..fue 2800 grafts

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is this good job?

beafore fue ht :


3 day after fue:


7 day after fue:


now : have a lot of white flakes all over my scalp and grafts that are glued on the head, something like dandruff. I just wanted to ask if this is normal or do I concern? looks like grafts beacose some of them have hair inside ??

i wash hair with medicine shampoo every day gently. Please answer.

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Looks normal to me. However, I would not be using medicated shampoo on the recipient area, and most likely not in the donor area for 2 weeks, but I base that on my surgeon's post-op instructions. He recommends shampooing the recipient area in a very light and gentle massaging motion after the first week. Some recommend 2 weeks. The scabs will fall off over a period of days. I was scab-free by day 12.

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