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3873 Grafts FUG post op


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So I started losing my hair as a teen. I'm in my 40's now and had no hair other than maybe 3 strands on top of my head. I decided to take the plunge and get a transplant. I went yesterday and I am posting pics 1 day post op. I know I have a long road ahead of me but I am keeping my fingers crossed that this works and gives me a head full of hair again that doesn't appear to be thinning when it all grows in. I had 3873 grafts done. What a super long day it was and a very rough night last night trying to sleep. So what's everyone think


1 day Post OP




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who was your doctor?


The grafts were spread out over a huge area , im sorry mate but i dont think the work looks all that great, there are a lot of spaces between the hairs implanted

4510 FUSS Dr Feriduni December 2012


2350 FUSS Dr Feriduni December 2013


HT 1:Total Grafts 4510: Singles 715, Doubles 2123, Triples 1369, Quads 303 ( 10,280 Hairs )


HT 2:Total Grafts 2352: Singles 350, Doubles 1601, Triples 401, ( 4,755 Hairs )

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I don't think this will give you "a head full of hair". It is very important to have realistic expectations. What did your doctor tell you?


He said to concentrate on the front starting at the hairline and working backward. He did say that I will be able to see scalp and that I would have less coverage in the back. But the main goal was to establish a hairline again and give that some density and then move rearward from there. I know I'm not going to have hair like a teen again or to the point you cant see any skin. But I'm hoping this will be enough to get my confidence back and stop wearing a hat everywhere I go.

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Are you aiming for multiple HTs to get a reasonable density? I agree with previous feedback it does seem quite spaced out in places.

Where did you get it done?


Not sure if I will have more done later or not. I will have to wait and see how this turns out. My main goal is to be able to look straight in a mirror and see hair and be able to style it and not have to wear a system anymore. Dr, Krenitsky did mine. He did a a couple friends of mine as well past years and theirs look great but as we all know. We all have different patterns and different expectations. Everyone that knows me thinks I have hair due to the system I have worn since 2001. My objective the other day was to concentrate more on the frontal hair line and still put hair throughout the entire area. I didn't want to put everything just in front and nothing anywhere else. I figured I would spread the wealth and hope for the best and see if I need to drop another 15,000.00 in a couple more years or not.

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