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Hair Transplant on one temple

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Hey people... got a question.


I used to have a habit of twirling my hair on one side near my temple. Yes, I am a guy but it helped me concentrate when studying and I would do it without even knowing. I am 29 and that side of my temple is receded about an inch or so more than the other side. Some people notice, but most don't. I do, though. The other temple has no hair loss and the top and crown of my head are full. I feel I will not go bald in my life, but I obviously can't say for sure.


My question is if it is possible to get that inch restored on one temple via transplant? What if I do start naturally receding- what would happen if this transplant was done? If possible, what would it maybe cost in Midwest USA?


Would love any advice. Thanks

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take some pics of both temples with a history of issue and send to a doctor in your area

there's a list on this website


they will tell you if you are a candidate and determine if the baldness was caused by your twirling


if you want an estimate of cost to fill a 1 inch squared area of baldness with grafts:

1 inch squared = 6.5 cm2 (most doctors use cm2 to calculate recipient area of transplant)


each cm2 can be filled with anywhere from 40-60 grafts


say they do 50 grafts per cm2

6.5 * 50 = 325 grafts


for that small amount of grafts you'd probably want to go with a doctor that does FUE (rather than make a linear scar for such a small amount of grafts) which usually costs upwards around 8$ per graft. There may be a minimum fee as well.


8$ * 325= 2600$


this is possible to do


do some consults via email

easy fix BUT.....


if you do start receding you will not recede on the transplanted side only the other and the center

you can then fill those areas when the time comes, if the recession on those other areas are that noticeable


during your consult, the doctors will tell you all of the consequences of fixing this bald area


good luck

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