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When in Brussels Belgium...


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Belgium is the capital of Europe for a reason. This is a very affluent place to experience European culture. If you can get here, I can bet that you will enjoy yourself dearly. Ryanair has literally the cheapest flights throughout Europe. Below are several well-known attractions throughout Brussels:




  • musee_des_instruments_de_musique_brussels.jpg
  • MIM - Musical Instruments museum img_7415.jpg
  • This excellent museum occupies the old Art Nouveau buildings of the Old England stores (3000m2 of exhibition space) and is one of the biggest collection of instruments in the world... More info
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • centre_belge_de_la_bande_dessinee_brussels.jpg

  • Comic Strip Museum img_7415.jpg
  • Located in the heart of Brussels, in a majestic Art Nouveau building, created by Victor Horta in 1906, the Belgian Comic Strip Center opened its doors to the public on October 6th 1989. More info
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • maison_de_la_bande_dessinee_Brussels.jpg

  • Comic Strip House Celebrating the greatest masters of the Belgian school of comic strip (Marcinelle), this place puts on permanent and temporary exhibitions of famous comic strip heroes. More info
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • img_646.jpg

  • International Puppet Museum More info
  • -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • music_village_brussels.jpg
  • The Music Village More info
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • img_5617.jpg

  • MOOF - Museum Of Original Figurines img_7415.jpgThis idea for a big trade fair, then for a museum open to all, germinated thanks to the impetus and exchanges of ideas with passionate comic strip collectors. More info
  • ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • img_2592.jpg
  • Magritte Museum (Royal museums of Fine Arts) img_7415.jpgThis museum stands right in the centre of Brussels, on Place Royale, and exhibits for public viewing the surrealist artist's creations belonging to Belgium's Royal Museums of Fine Arts... More info
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • img_317.jpg
  • BOZAR img_7415.jpg Erected in 1928 by the architect and master of Art Nouveau, Victor Horta, it is a centre of cultural and artistic life... More info
  • ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • musee_royal_de_l_armee_brussels.jpg
  • Royal Museum of Army and Military History The museum houses around one hundred thousand items (weapons, uniforms, scale-models, documents), making it one of the world's largest military museums... More info
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • musee_royaux_d_art_et_d_histoire_brussels.jpg

  • Art and History museum - MRAH The Cinquantenaire Museum is divided into four main sections: national archeology, antiquity, non-European civilisations and European decorative arts... More info
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


My opinions are my own. I am one representative of MyWHTC Clinic's European branch.


Consultation Dates & Cities for Dr. Patrick Mwamba

London, United Kingdom - Available (Sat.)

Zurich, Switzerland - Available (Saturday)

Bologna, Italy - Available (Saturday)

Brussles, Belgium - Available (Sun.-Sat.) *No Fee*

Dr. Patrick Mwamba is a member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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