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Dermamatch to conceal HT

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Happy Chrimbo folks. I just recently got a HT and I'm considering using Dermamatch to hide the surgery in about 2 weeks time (1 month post op). I was wondering if anyone has used it to conceal a HT? I got my frontal third done so it got shaved down and will be almost bald there. Am I better going with Dermamatch or Toppik? All suggestions welcome.

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Dermmatch is basically a paint for the scalp. Unless you have enough hair to mix with it and cover it, the result will be very unnatural and visible. Nanogen also needs hairs to attach to, otherwise it falls through to the scalp and looks like ugly spots of dirt.


People tend to be overly positive when they use concealers, and unfortunately they often don't realize that 1) the use of concealers must be very discrete to be effective 2) other people are generally very judgmental when they notice makeup in your hair. I'd say it bears a greater stigma than a hairpiece.


IMO one month post op you'd be better off to just go out without wearing anything than to use concealers. That said, you can of course get some and experiment a bit and see for yourself.

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